Urban Innovation21 (Pittsburgh Central Keystone Innovation Zone Tax Credit)

Urban Innovation21 is keenly concerned with the stagnation of local communities in contrast to the rapidly changing global market. We believe that a successful innovation economy can drive economic growth, but lasting regional progress happens when all communities are connected to wealth generators. Our work and our programs vary in scope and depth in order to effectively fulfill needs with smart solutions.

Who is eligible for this funding option?
Less than 8-years old, for profit startups, located in the Pittsburgh Central Keystone Innovation Zone. Technology, energy, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and advanced manufacturing.

Important features of this funding option:

Grants: This fund provides targeted grant funding for KIZ businesses as a compliment to equity, angel, and venture capital funding available from state, regional, federal programs, and from private individuals.

Tax Credit Coordination Program: The PCKIZ assists companies that qualify to obtain tax credits through the KIZ Tax Credit Program. If a company would like to sell their tax credits, the PCKIZ will assist the company with the selling of the tax credits.

Range of funding: $0-$100K a year
Contact email: aboehringer@urbaninnovation21.org
Website URL: www.urbaninnovation21.org

Search for property here http://www.pittsburghprospector.com/.